Canada's newspaper the Globe and Mail has featured Maria's photographs of cheerleaders on the cover of the Globe BC section, photos of the Miss Chinese Vancouver pageant and portraits of Vancouverís Burlesque performers. The series of photographs entitled Burlesque Dress, was first exhibited at the Rhodes & Mann Gallery in London, UK, and featured in the London Metro newspaper and Vice magazine. Skunk magazine Montreal, Canada June 2005 "Softcho Man" Photo Essay

See examples below of work for Bolz, Bizarre, Vice and High Times magazines. Bolz magazine Issue 3 includes 4 pages of  Maria's artwork. German magazine Marquis features a portfolio of Maria's fetish photographs.  "One that got Away" for CBC Radio 3 Internet magazine and previously was featured artist with Marijuana PinUps and Burlesque.


Canamo Magazine Cover 2011

High Times April 2011

Bizarre Magazine - London,  UK 2009

High Times 2010

Naked Eye Magazine: Spring 08 Issue 3 Volume 1 Naked Eye

Vol 1 Issue 7 Winter 2007

Georgia Straight Vol 45 Number 2160 May 2009

Globe & Mail February 3 2006

Globe & Mail February 3 2006

Globe & Mail September 2005

Globe & Mail September 2005

Vancouver Magazine April 2006

Skin Two

Marquis Magazine Germany Fall Issue no.31 2004 Featured Artist Portfolio

Bolz Magazine Issue 5 Fall 2004 4 pages of images


Bolz Magazine- London, UK Issue 4 Spring 2004 Text and 6 pages of photographs.

Bolz Magazine- London, UK Issue 3 Fall 2003 Text and artwork.

Bizarre Magazine- London, UK Issue 73 June 2003 Cover and 6 page editorial.

Bizarre Magazine- London,  UK Issue 77 October 2003 Bizarre Beauty 6 page editorial.

Bolz Magazine- London, UK  Issue 2 Winter 2003 Interview and photographs.

Bizarre Magazine- London, UK Issue76 September 2003 Fetish Club Photo Essay.

hightime1.jpg (100564 bytes)hightime2.jpg (93296 bytes)

High Times -NY, USA December Issue 2000 6 page photo editorial.

high.jpg (80396 bytes) centerfold.jpg (59839 bytes)

High Times -NY, USA December 2000 Issue Centerfold and Cover for gift guide.

PinkTCity.jpg (62161 bytes)

Terminal City Newspaper- Vancouver, Canada.

CanadaDayTCity.jpg (62648 bytes)

Terminal City Newspaper- Vancouver, Canada.

vice1.jpg (44703 bytes)vice2.jpg (56563 bytes)

Vice Magazine-Montreal, Canada Vol.7 No.8.

AngelHighTimes.jpg (147009 bytes)

High Times Magazine- NY, USA  September 2001.

24HoursTCity.jpg (73430 bytes)

Terminal City Newspaper- Vancouver, Canada.

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