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The Artist 

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Maria received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design with a major in Photography in 1990. Maria then attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where in 1995 she received her Masters Degree of Fine Arts in Photography. Her artwork was selected to participate in the Osaka Triennale twice and in touring group shows throughout the United States. Recently Maria’s work "Burlesque Dress" was shown at the Rhodes & Mann Gallery in London, England. Her work "Pindex Pinups" was included in the Artropolis art exhibition in Vancouver, Canada and included in the following Artropolis exhibition with her computer installation entitled "Artiphycial Language" which explored the virtual world of Avatars. She was also selected to participate in the Women in Photography, "Tea Time" touring photography exhibition. Maria continues to exhibit her artwork and pursue international projects. Her recent work Intermission has been included in over 20 international group exhibitions. This web site is divided into thumbnail galleries displaying the different collections of Maria’s diverse photographic work.   

The non- silver technique used, combines photographic imagery with applied light sensitive inks to the surface of the paper.  Where the photograph begins and the painting ends becomes seamless within the image. Many of the works integrated a number of images, this created a 3-dimensional quality to the finished pieces.

Non Silver Process

Objects and model were combined to create new compositions which merge the organic with the inanimate.

Color Copier

Non-silver photographic processes. By introducing gestural marks and strokes,  the division of photograph and painting becomes seamless. This body of work explores mythology and ritual

Photo Painting

Black & White

Black & white staged stills, each photograph is a small theatre where diverse portraits surface.

Staged Stills

GlassSeries a unique quality of portraiture work.

Glass Series

Installations combine many elements within the completed work. It has been exciting to incorporate my photographs within a 3-dimensional environment. The examples provided below are works that function within a larger space and push my photographs beyond the traditional photograph frame


Vancouver and British Columbia has become world famous for its marijuana cultivation and the sex industry. This series was part of The Artropolis Exhibition 2001

Pin Dex Strips

Objects over Glass consists of staged tableaux. The tableaux combine to provoke current feminine identity ideas which are expressed with loaded generational symbols and mythological icons.

Glass Portraits

The paper doll’s dresses portray the interchangeable identities of the wife, mother, beauty queen, career woman, nurturer, seductress, healer and homemaker.

Paper Doll Dresses

New Goddess



Fractal Flowers

Latex On Vinyl

Fractal Forests

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